BLC COURSE RECRUITMENT FOR 2017 will start in spring 2017. 

BLC courses are offered in co-operation with a host Central and Eastern European university enabling students to study English Law concurrently with completing their national law degrees.

Typical BLC course syllabus

Year  One

  1. English legal system and introduction to English and EU Constitutional law
  2. Contract law and practice
  3. Criminal law
  4. Tort (law of negligence)
  5. Introduction to property/trusts law

Year Two

  1. The substantive law of the European Union (free movement of goods, persons and competition law)
  2. The law of business associations (with emphasis on English company law)
  3. International trade Law (including international commercial litigation)
  4. Intellectual property law


Following the completion of each module in the first year, students will complete a written assignment (either in essay, problem question or drafting form) which will be assessed by the course tutors.

In the second year of the course, each module will be followed by an open book, timed assignment in class/ home written assignment or drafted pleading or thesis.


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2016-2017 BLC Regulations (General)

brochure BLC 2016 General

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Recruitment for 2016 has now closed and will re-open in spring  2017 for centres in Warsaw, Prague, Poznan, Sofia, Gdansk, Bratislava, Krakow and Brno

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