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  JAS LTD (The Charity)

Juris Angliae Scientia Ltd is a charitable foundation set up in 1992 with the objects of promoting education links between the United Kingdom and Poland. JAS has functioned as the engine for promoting and supporting the activities of the BLC, initially in Poland and more recently in  other parts of Central and Eastern Europe and the activities carried out under the auspices of the University of Cambridge, Institute of Continuing Education.

The charity was originally managed by a committee of the international law firms who initially sponsored the Warsaw centre. The current directors are Prof W.R. Cornish, Prof. Richard Fentiman, Dr Jonathan Morgan and Dr Jennifer Davis (all of the Law Faculty, University of Cambridge) and Prof Richard Nolan (York School of law). Former directors included Jonathan Saunders ( secretary to Oxfam GB) who was also one of the first BLC tutors in Warsaw in 1992.

Lord Robert Carnwath of Notting Hill (UK Supreme Court) is the Chairman of the Members of the Charity.

British Law Centre

The current British law centres retain their central administration in Warsaw. The Warsaw BLC has three resident tutors who also form part of the team of tutors who visit the other Polish and Central and Eastern European centres. Educational supervision comes from the members of the charity Juris Angliae Scientia Ltd and the Director and Deputy Director Course Director who are also a fundamental part of the teaching team.

The teaching structure is based upon a system of lectures and workbooks, supported by regular class teaching in the form of seminars (normally 12-15 persons) and tutorials (normally 6-8 persons). Lectures are provided in the Warsaw centre both by visiting academics from the University of Cambridge (the regular visitors over the years have included Prof. Catherine Barnard, Dr Okeoghene Odudu, Dr Mika Oldham, Prof. Richard Fentiman, and Dr Jonathan Morgan, as well as academics from other leading international universities including Professor Robert Burrell of University of Sheffield and Dr Dorota Leczykiewicz of the European University Institute), professional lectures from our commercial partners and by the resident Warsaw tutors.

The BLC course provides a one/ two year programme in which students are taught a number of the core subjects of the general English law degree – English legal system, criminal, contract, tort, and trusts before moving on in their second year to European Union

Emphasis is placed on developing a practical approach to resolving legal disputes and assisting students in acquiring various practical skills, such as: law, International Trade, International Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, Banking, and Company Law. Variations of this course are available in different centres.

Students are generally required to undertake 4 modules (one year programme) or 8/9 modules (two year programme) and the course continues to emphasise the need for written analysis and essay skills, so students are required to complete a written assignment for each module taken.

Students are registered on a dedicated moodle web site for the diploma/certificate programme, providing course information, centre timetables and essential course materials. The site is also used to provide general notices and details of additional events organised in each centre. All assignments are submitted to tutors via this site. In addition students may use the web site both to communicate with each other and directly with individual tutors.

Professor Richard Fentiman, JAS Board Member, Professor of Private International Law and current Chairman of the Law Faculty, University of Cambridge, on the importance of learning English law

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The BLC started as a joint venture between the  Law Faculties of the University of Cambridge and The primary objective was to provide a corps of Polish lawyers with sufficient knowledge of English law to meet the needs of English and Polish law firms. Since then its popularity and prestige have increased considerably and has led to its course being recognised, by its students and law firm sponsors, as ideal preparation for legal practice in an international law firm.

In 2013, the original British Centre for English and European Legal Studies at Warsaw University Faculty of Law and Administration held its twentieth graduation ceremony, over the years students have been presented their awards by a number of special guests including the former UK Judge to the European Union, Sir Konrad Schiemann and Lord Robert Carnwath (UK Supreme Court).

Under the initial academic direction of Professor W.R. Cornish, FBA,CMG (University of Cambridge, Professor Richard Nolan and the current Academic Director Professor Richard Fentiman (University of Cambridge) and through the medium of the charity Juris Angliae Scientia Ltd, the Centre developed its current programme of studies, which is taught entirely in English.

Demand for the limited number of places on the BLC’s courses has always been high. BLC students have included professional lawyers, judges, law students, social scientists, translators and many more. Some students even travel to the BLC’s partner Universities especially to study the course, such as a number of Ukrainian students who travelled to Warsaw University and studied the course thanks to the assistance of a grant from the British government’s Know How Fund.

The need for lawyers who have a background in European Union law, as well as a working knowledge of different systems of law in different European countries, is certain to assist their country in its early years of membership in the European Union.  Since its inception the BLC has seen more than 2000 students pass through its centres, gaining on the way a background in both English law and EU law.  Those graduates whilst continuing their varied careers in EU institutions, national ministries, universities or law firms (both national and international) have each in their way assisted in the transition of their countries during its early years of membership in the European Union. In helping to prepare them, the BLC has made, and continues to make, a significant contribution to the political and legal transformation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Although the programme was started initially in various Polish universities its teaching programmes have also taken place in co-operation with universities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania and by mooting events in Ukraine and Croatia, this year to extend to include Georgia. The BLC teaching programmes are supported by a comprehensive e-learning structure with tutorial support.


Over the years the British Law Centre has been supported by a number of UK and Polish based international law firms, with offices located where we offer courses. Many of these law firms have supported the British Law Centre and its various courses since 1992.

One of the primary extra-curricular activities collaborated on is the Firms Fayre, held annually in Warsaw, and hosted by the BLC sponsoring law firms, at which presentations are provided by representatives who discuss the practical aspects of the profession, including the type of work they do, as well as providing information about opportunities for summer placements or permanent employment in that office. It is normally possible for students to visit the firms’ offices directly. The firms fayre normally takes place in March/April and involves workshops at firms offices for participating students.

In 2015 the following workshops were available to BLC students / alumni-

“Internal Investigation and Witness Examination Techniques”

Arbitration Workshop (include full mock arbitration)

A Joint Venture Case Study

International Business Transaction Workshop” 

Intensive English language skills workshop

The BLC tutors also offer workshops on

Mooting and advocacy skills 

Fact Management skills 

Academic writing and drafting skills

Developing online legal research skills

Commercial Partners

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